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Monthly Allotment Update: March 2015

Allotment ViewWe will harvest the last of our winter vegetables this month and look forward to harvesting and making some tasty dishes with the first of our spring vegetables of pak choi and rainbow chard this month, which have been over-wintering in our polytunnel.

Our herbs need a good prune and the cuttings will make great fresh and dried herbs for our kitchen. We have also planted new sensory herbs of lavender, lemon thyme and curry plant, which the children enjoyed immensely.

We have started chitting our seed potatoes ‘Charlotte’ an early variety on the window ledge in the shed and they should be sprouted and ready to plant out early April when all chance of frost has past.

Our potted-on broad bean seeds are very strong and will be planted soon. cauliflower seedlings have been prickedout of their seed tray into pots. The children had great fun sowing peas into our recycled pea cradles, which will be suspended from the polytunnel bars out of reach from little critters.

The shallot and onion sets arrive at the end of the month and we will plant them out early April.

This month is last chance to plant dormant fruit bushes/trees before they start to grow; we have blueberry, red currant bushes and a dwarf apple tree to plant, so lots to do.

Check out the stunning displays of crocuses and daffodils coming up this month in parks and walks.

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