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February monthly allotment update


Daffodils and early spring bulbs tentatively peep through the chilly ground, which is clear evidence that spring is on its way.

At the allotment we’re forcing our rhubarb, the crowns are covered with straw and large buckets to exclude the light and with a bit of luck we’ll have some tasty shoots to eat next month.

Water butts and rain catchers provide an endless source of frozen watery fun and ice play, which the children love to inspect, and then smash triumphantly with their wellies.

We will start chitting our potatoes in egg boxes in the shed this month, which we will source from the notoriously busy Bridgend Allotment Potato day on 22nd February. This event is a great source of many local and rare heritage varieties of potatoes.

Our Rosemary bush is overgrown and in need of a trim, so we will be giving it a good prune at the end of the month. The prunings will make great fresh and dried herbs for our kitchen.

This is the time of year to take hardwood cuttings, which will further the children’s knowledge of propagation through cuttings they can root themselves. Taking material from our willow shrub, cuttings will be kept in the cold frame until they root.

As light levels increase we can now start seed sowing in the polytunnel. This month we have sown early varieties of sweet pea, broad bean, cauliflower & spinach.

We’re recycling and reusing our old children’s wellie’s as containers for our spring bulbs.

Check out our cuddly parsnips we’re growing some truly strange vegetables, they seem to have personalities all of their own.

Things to look out for – Spring bulbs, birds start to gather material for their nests, watch them foraging with beaks full of twigs, straw and any other nest building material.

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