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Let’s Cook in the Summer!

The last few weeks has been a very busy time in the kitchen at Summerside utilising the wonderful fruits from our allotment.

Even though the weather has been a bit on the damp side of late, our fruit and vegetables have not stopped growing and we have been able to harvest an impressive crop every week.

The Pre School children washed and cut up the strawberries and added them to a fruit salad. They were all very proud of their work and enjoyed this dish for their pudding.


The Pre School children also helped in the kitchen by making puff pastry pizza and decorating them with different coloured peppers along with mushrooms and onions. There has been much fun had adding the pea pods to their dinner recently which Nadia brought from the allotment, adding a great deal of colour.

Other delicious homemade items on the menu included tasty potato and leek soup and chilli con carne served with homemade guacamole. The Pre-School children loved the guacamole but it was not to the liking of the babies. Their palates will no doubt become more sophisticated with age.



The Baby room and the Tweenies had great fun smelling the different herbs in the garden and, with the support of the staff, were able to identify the different which ones were which.

The Baby room has also been testing their taste buds with a variety of different fruit and vegetables including peaches, grapes, strawberries and broad beans.

With there being a great variety of vegetables available to us from our allotment on a regular basis, one easy way of getting the children to eat all of their veg is to make soups and sauces. By serving these blended the children who are not so keen on vegetables are none the wiser.


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